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Full text of "Rebel cartoons : reprinted from the 1917-18 and 1918-19 issues of "The Rebel""

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■•prialMl horn Um 1917-18 mmi 191S-19 

iwN of ■ Tfce RekeJ ■ 



in engraving and 


le of t 

he heroism 

and sacri- 


of the 


and sons 

of the University) of Toronto 



serCed so 

nobly on 




Ed, i 


Second Edition 

50c each 

Third Edition 

75c each 

Fourth Edition 

75c each 

Fifth and 

Final Edition 

75c each 


Fifth and Final Edition -Will 
be published this autumn. 

Our War Record 

To date the net proceeds from 
the sale of the previous edi- 
tions of the Supplement have 
been distributed as follows : 

Canadian Red Cross $6,000.00 

U. of T. Base Hospital 7,135.96 

Re-education of 

Returned Soldiers 2,356.77 

67th Varsity Battery 1,950.00 

Overseas Training Co. 1,550.00 

LI. of T. Tank Battalion . 200.00 
Patriotic and 

Canadian Red Cross . ■ 3,841.85 

British Red Cross 7,835.15 

Belgian and 

Serbian Relief Fund . . 474.50 

Balance on hand 3,000.00 

Total $34,344.23 


Business Manager 


T he Varsity Magazine Supplement 

Published by The 5tudents Administrative Council 

(Hhe iReiitstrar 

Here with a feathered Quill at Learning's gate 
I hold the fort in Paradisal state; 
At nine a.m. I don my Halo smartly 
And until five I answer questions tartly. 

'Tis thus I spend the dreary winter days, 
Interpreting the Calendanal Maze; 
My eyes beam forth a frigid steely glitter 
That silences all undergraduate twitter. 

But ever as the seasons bring the spring 
I feel at one with every sentient thing, 
And supervise a sort of Incubation 
The net result of which is Graduation. 

Thus once a year I really vie with God 
And bring forth Graduates like peas in pod ; 
By sheer creative act I make Mentality 
Which goes in time to form a nationality. 

But, truth to tell, the strain of it is great, 
To God I'd gladly leave it to create; 
For I by temperament do find it meeter 
To emulate on earth the Holy Peter. 

Jani un , 1918. 


Next on the stage Histoncus appears 
And gracefully his learning's load he bears. 
Broad black-beribboned tortoiseshell his nose 
Bestrides, while on his neat bespatted toes 
He prances as the intermittent flow 
Of wit and wisdom fills the brains below. 
Now against Patronage he lifts his arm 
With threatening gesture, now upon his farm. 
While Marmaduke and Algernon display 
Their sad propensities, he fills his day 
And serves his country by conserving food. 
But most his soul with liberal arts endued 
Delights to foster music's softer charms 
With tuneful din to wake the street's alarms — 
A cry that shivers to the tingling skies — 
While Robert's wail antiphonal replies! 

February. L918. 

«\ \ 






/ --f 

/ ■ ' 

*>■* -»■■>«* 

■ ■ ■■ 





(§b\ prnfamim 

The touches of our native speech 
Perplex his unacquainted tongue. 

Through all his lectures is a sound 
Of Irony. He is not young 

And foolish. Arbiter is he 

Of Elegancies to a crude 
And new Philistia, in arts 

Untrained, in humane letters rude. 

Beneath the uncouth shock of hair 

He sees the artist's budding dreams, 

In clothes of rustic cut discerns 

The Poet pushing through the seams. 

The poetaster who indites 

Sonnets galore and wants to sell 'em, 
Will find no publisher unless 

His stuff is countersigned by Pelham. 

(With apologies to Francis Thompson). 

March, 1918. 

(Erttba Biro Itrtfrsque &rnrrtus 

With missionary zeal of yore 
He left the land of Albion to 

Proclaim the need of Grecian lore 
To budding heathens in Toronto. 

And still each morn, as years ago. 
His long-famihar figure passes 

Upright, majestic, with a slow 

And thoughtful stride to meet his classes. 

And still the Oxford tongue has he, 
With courage and success spectacular, 

Preserved unsoiled, and steadfastly 
Eschewed Ontario vernacular. 

And every lad and every lass 

(Despite the fact 'tis Greek he teaches) 
His wisdom can recall in class, 

His wit in after-dinner speeches. 

January, 1930. 


His soul was like a star and dwelt apart. 
Far from the fretted sines, 

Where Eireann whispers to the listening heart 
In mystic shrines. 

His body in the class-room's cloudy spaces 
Taught higher mathematics. 

Half-conscious of the vague perplexed faces, 
Expounded statics. 

His dulcet voice above the Open Forum, 
'Mid Bolshevist outpourings 

Taught Russian Jews and Labour men decorum, 
And stilled their roarings. 

But spirit-bound with Yeats in lnnisfree 

His bean-rows seven 
Prove to him belter than geometry 

That Ireland's heaven. 

I'i:i:i:iiu:v. 1910. 

®l?p feat 

When the student's last essay is written, 

And no flaws remain to amend, 
When English groups never are smitten 

With silence, and always attend; 
When Canadians never are wanting 

In courage to say what they please ; 
When wealth has renounced the bold flaunting 

Of its useless existence of ease; 
Then this sage, somewhat after the fashion 

Of the Imperial lord of his name, 
May find cause for lamenting and passion 

In the lack of a new world to tame. 

%^^4#*&*&*Z ■■> ■■ ■$ms®2®m& 

SBfiSgiwK&l '&$&&%&& ■r-'--"- ■ ■ ''■■^VTv^^ ; *vw''^^&$^i^^& 

** MotUvf a titr (inly U?ar " 

His habits are by no means like the bear's; 

He hibernates up north the livelong summer, 
And southward at September's close repairs, 

To fill the post of literary drummer. 

His labours practical with drum and quill 
Leave little space for hobbies sentimental; 

Yet in spare time, they say, he dabbles still 
In history and lingoes oriental. 

With feet on desk, with pipe in mouth, he dreams 

Aloud to rows of votaries ecstatic; 
And from his lips pour forth commingled streams 

Of fragrant smoke and language Asiatic. 

Claudel and Francis Thompson, golf and tea, 
Gossip, tobacco, book reviews, divinity — 

A motley throng of interests has he; 

His single brain can compass all infinity. 

Ai'un., lyiy. 

Uniwrmtij of (Unnmto 

□ □ □ 


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